May's Art School --- -------------Summer Camp Schedule

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Summer class starts on 7/2 and ends on 8/31.

  Time Class Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

9:30 ~ 11:30

Computer Drawing
Afternoon 2:00 ~ 3:30

Computer Drawing

Hand Drawing

Hand Drawing and Painting / Mixed Media (Include: Sketch / Painting)

Use all kind of materials such as oil pastel, chalk pastel, acrylic painting, water color pencil, texture paper...

2. Computer Drawing / Illustrator

(Include: Manga / Comic / Cartoon Drawing/ )

Prepare Wacom tablet, wireless pen, flash drive, and laptop (no netbook).

For Registration and Fees:

The seats are limited, first come first serve.

If you decided the class schedule, please e-mail me at or print out this form

and bring it to see me as soon as possible.

Hand Drawing Course Fee - $25 for each class, 1 and a half hours per class.

Computer Drawing Course Fee - $650 for a complete section section,

Total of 30 hours long classes for a complete section, three hours per class.

If the student wants to keep continuing the same course after a complete section,

the class fee become $25 for each class.

Hand Drawing Course Material Fee - $40 total (For whole year)